Onsite Management

In on-site management or in German "vor ort management" a Baltic staff arranges and coordinates all employees at the customer site (including all temporary workers, also the employees of other temporary work agencies). The Baltic staff takes over the control and management tasks. We replace the internal specialist (HR HR, employee management, process control, coordination). This service is aimed primarily at companies with a high demand for temporary workers. The Baltic staff takes over all administrative tasks for you and coordinates all processes between internal employees, temporary employees, personnel service providers and clients.

Benefits of using an on-site manager:

Reduction of internal administration
Internal cost reduction
Optimization and process transparency
Only one contact
Relief of the personnel department and the executives
Faster problem-solving options

Tasks of an on-site manager:

The tasks of the on-site manager differ according to the requirements of the customer

Determination of requirements: The service provider determines the personnel requirements of the company and initiates appropriate recruiting steps. How many employees with which qualifications are required for which tasks and for which period?
Recruiting: Search and recruitment of employees.
Coordination: The on-site manager co-ordinates the deployment of employees or temporary staff in the client company. This includes, for example, the coordination in case of deployment changes
Training and integration: The on-site manager takes care of integrating employees into the customer company and integrating them into the company.
Organization and Administration: The service provider performs organizational and administrative tasks, such as billing, health checks, security checks or the control of hours worked.
Process optimization: The on-site manager analyzes structures and work processes in the company in order to identify optimization potential
Productivity improvements and cost reductions